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China Automation Equipment Industry Market Development Overview
China Automation Equipment Industry Market Development Overview

    With the rapid development of technology, automatic assembly production lines are leading the future path of industrial upgrading. Automatic assembly production lines combine automation equipment with traditional assembly lines, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs, becoming an inevitable trend in the development of manufacturing industry.
     In recently years,with the rise in labor costs and the increasing demand for product quality from consumers, the application of automated assembly production lines in the manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly widespread. The automatic assembly production line achieves automation and intelligence in the production process by using advanced automation equipment such as robots, sensors, automatic instruments, etc. This not only improves production efficiency and reduces production costs, but also enhances the stability of product quality.China's industrial automation market size continues to rise, in 2022 China's industrial automation market size reached 240.9 billion.

      Foshan Yanman Industrial Co., Ltd is a company a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of automation equipment.Our company's main products include: two section hidden rail universal machine, three section hidden rail universal machine, 261/F3/661/581/582 series hydraulic hinge assembly machine, testing machines, and drawer slide rail assembly machines.


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